“Project Inspire - Proyecto Inspire Transformando Vidas” (bilingual Eng/Span format) - Season 7 (2016)

Episode 8 August 11, 2021 00:32:02
“Project Inspire - Proyecto Inspire Transformando Vidas” (bilingual Eng/Span format) - Season 7 (2016)
Latino Education and Advocacy Days (LEAD)
“Project Inspire - Proyecto Inspire Transformando Vidas” (bilingual Eng/Span format) - Season 7 (2016)

Aug 11 2021 | 00:32:02


Show Notes

The California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE) 2-INSPIRE Program works with parents to increase their knowledge about schooling to ensure that parents have vital information about high quality educational options for their children (especially those traditionally underserved and/or attending Program Improvement schools). The Project 2-INSPIRE curriculum informs parents of their role in their children’s education, works with parents so they learn how to work with the information acquired and develops parent leadership skills to ensure their participation and collaboration as part of the school community.
All three levels of the program share the same objective and goal: To increase parental engagement in their child’s learning at home, school, and/or community; and thereby increase their child’s academic achievement. However, each of the levels differs markedly in their approach, strategies, methods, activities, and outcomes for parents and their children.
The panelists are parent leaders who currently serve as officers of the Binational Parent Leadership Institute (BPLI), and as “trainer of trainers” have each passed all three levels, from awareness to mastery to expert.
Proyecto INSPIRE es un proyecto que pertenece a CABE que trabaja con los padres para aumentar sus conocimientos acerca de la escolarización para asegurar que los padres tengan la información vital acerca de las opciones educativas de alta calidad para sus hijos. El plan de estudios del Proyecto INSPIRE informa a los padres de su papel en la educación de sus hijos, trabaja con los padres para que aprendan cómo trabajar con la información adquirida y desarrolla las habilidades de liderazgo de los padres para asegurar su participación y colaboración en el marco de la comunidad escolar.
Los tres niveles comparten el mismo objetivo y meta: aumentar la participación de los padres en el aprendizaje de sus hijos en el hogar, la escuela y/o comunidad; y por lo tanto aumentar el rendimiento académico de sus hijos. Sin embargo, cada uno de los niveles se diferencia notablemente en su enfoque, estrategias, métodos, actividades y resultados para los padres y sus hijos.  
Los panelistas son líderes de padres que actualmente sirven como oficiales de la Binational Parent Leadership Institute (BPLI), y como “formador de formadores" han pasado cada uno de los tres niveles, desde la conciencia a la maestría a nivel experto.
   Introduction / Moderators:
- Elias Escamilla, Mt. San Jacinto Community College, Faculty Association Board Member / Community College Association Director Area H
- Jesus Acuña Perez, Capt. (ret) USAF, Senior Aerospace Science Instructor, West Covina High School
- Patricia Luna, BPLI President, ELAC Past-president Chaffey HS, DELAC Vice-president Chaffey JSD, Presentadora de Los 12 Poderes del Negocio Familiar, Secretaria de Mesa Directiva de Instructoras De Escuela Dominical Infantil, and Instructora de Escuela Dominical Infantil
- Elidia Valencia, BPLI Vicepresident, Parent Consultant CABE, Presentadora de los 12 Poderes del Negocio Familiar, LCAP / LEA Committee Member, LCAP Advisor Committee Member, Code of Conduct Committee, DELAC Representative, and CCIME Member Mexican Consulate
- Isabel Torres, BPLI Secretary, ELAC President, PELI Parent Engagement Leadership Initiative, and Coordinadora del grupo de Apoyo Padres Con Poder
- Maribel Colin, BPLI Parliamentarian, ELAC President, Padres Líderes De Ontario HS Member, Presentadora de Los 12 Poderes del Negocio Familiar, and Presentadora de PIQE
This panel is date/time stamped: March 30, 2016; 11:15 a.m. to 12:00 noon.
*The purpose of the Binational Parent Leadership Institute (BPLI) is to explore and establish an organized Parent Involvement mechanism in the Inland Empire that will provide parents with institutional leadership trainings to become effective change agents in service delivery for their families; develop a process(s) for parents to create a cadre of leadership for parent voice, direct input, advocacy and impact in schools & communities and at local, regional, state and national level; and develop focus on effective strategies to meaningfully engage parents in planning, implementation and evaluation of service to ensure successful outcomes for student and families.
Recommended Citation:
CSUSB - Latino Education and Advocacy Days (LEAD), "Panel Discussion: "“Project Inspire (bilingual format)”" (2016). Latino Education and Advocacy Days (LEAD) Video Recordings. 8.

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