Latino Education and Advocacy Days (LEAD)


The Latino Education and Advocacy Days (LEAD) projects at Cal State San Bernardino's digital platform with both original programming that includes replaying segments from the past decade of LEAD Summit conferences and affiliate programming that distributes content from collaborative projects.

Brought to you by ENRIQUE G MURILLO JR of Latino Education and Advocacy Days (LEAD)

Latest Episodes…

  1. Panel: “Catholic School Advantage: Latino and African American Student Achievement” Season 7 (2016)

    Catholic schooling began in the 1800’s “in a spirit of protest,” when Church leaders objected to the discrimination of Catholic children, and did not want their children indoctrinated in Protestant and secular settings. Disregarded and denigrated by state legislatures, the Church leadership turned to its congregations, demanding that every parish ...


  2. Panel - "Latina Pathways in P-20 Systems and Beyond: Answering the Call" Season 9 (2018)

    This panel will discuss the state of Latinas in education, including the challenges and opportunities for engaging and supporting Chicanas/Latinas across the P-20 education continuum and beyond. Within the broader Chicano/Latinx student group, Latinas comprise a greater proportion pursuing undergraduate degrees in the United States. Yet, Latinas still face challenges ...


  3. Panel - “Diversifying STEM Education: Challenges and Best Practices” Season 5 (2014)

    The quality of the future U.S. labor market depends on both education and job skills, and, if the United States wants to remain competitive, our ability to produce high levels of educated and skilled workers is critical to the overall performance of its participation in a global economy. The increasingly ...


  4. Panel – “Salute to the Impact of ‘Zoot Suit’ (Play): An Alumni Reunion” Season 8 (2017)

    Panel – “Salute to the Impact of ‘Zoot Suit’ (Play): An Alumni Reunion”“Zoot Suit” (play) is based on the Sleepy Lagoon murder trial of 1942 and the racial tensions of the Zoot Suit Riots of 1943 in Los Angeles, California during the WWII era, which is among the most significant ...


  5. Taking Our Message Directly to the People: Season 12 (2021)

    A Behind-the-Scenes Introduction to the LEAD Digital Platform with Dr. Enrique Murillo - LEAD Executive Director, and Mr. Rob Garcia - LEAD Webmaster. ...