Opening Ceremony: “Honoring the Ancestors”, LEAD Summit VII Season 7 (2016)

Episode 29 February 16, 2022 00:40:21
Opening Ceremony: “Honoring the Ancestors”, LEAD Summit VII Season 7 (2016)
Latino Education and Advocacy Days (LEAD)
Opening Ceremony: “Honoring the Ancestors”, LEAD Summit VII Season 7 (2016)

Feb 16 2022 | 00:40:21


Show Notes

This segment is date/time stamped: March 30, 2016; 10:00AM


Opening Ceremony: “Honoring the Ancestors”, LEAD Summit VII

Sacred Circles is an indigenous based performance group that incorporates Aztec/Mayan and other traditional teachings, danza, storytelling and imagery to inspire, enlighten, heal and honor the spirit of the ancestors and people of all roots.

Dembrebrah West African Drum and Dance Ensemble is a collection of professional and semi-professional lay artist educators dedicated to the study, preservation and promotion of authentic West African art, culture, and history in all its power, beauty, strength and grace.


Introduction / Facilitator:

- Maestro Jerry Tello, Director of the National Compadres Network, Therapist, Author, Performer and Program Developer, Recipient of the Ambassador of Peace Award and Presidential Crime Victims Service Award



- Sacred Circles: Maestro Jerry Tello, Susanna Armijo, Citlali Arvizu, Virginia ArvizuSanchez, and Victor Muñoz

- Dembrebrah: Baba John Beatty, N’della Davis-Diassy, Kwesi Williams, Libretch Baker, and Hanif Riley


Recommended Citation

CSUSB - Latino Education and Advocacy Days (LEAD), "Opening Ceremony: “Honoring the Ancestors” (LEAD Summit VII)" (2016). Latino Education and Advocacy Days (LEAD) Video Recordings. 29.

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