Featured Speaker — Hermila “Mily” Treviño-Sauceda (Campesinas and Global Human Rights) Season 9 (2018)

Episode 21 November 25, 2021 00:34:55
Featured Speaker — Hermila “Mily” Treviño-Sauceda (Campesinas and Global Human Rights)  Season 9 (2018)
Latino Education and Advocacy Days (LEAD)
Featured Speaker — Hermila “Mily” Treviño-Sauceda (Campesinas and Global Human Rights) Season 9 (2018)

Nov 25 2021 | 00:34:55


Show Notes


Mily Treviño-Sauceda is vice-president and co-founder of Alianza Nacional de Campesinas, Inc., a national farmworker women’s alliance representing 15 farmworker organizations and groups. She sits on numerous state and national boards, state and national advisory councils and task forces representing Latinas, the farmworker community and immigrant women in general on health, violence against women, labor and women rights, education, environmental and gender issues.

She is an advisory MAPA member to National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC). Since 2015, Mily has been a National Environmental Justice Advisory Council (NEJAC) member to EPA. She also sits on the boards of California Latina for Reproductive Justice and the Rural Coalition. She consults for and with various statewide and national organizations that focus on social, environmental, worker justice, reproductive justice, and violence against women issues. She also provides technical assistance and capacity building to farmers that are socially disadvantaged such as Pequeños Agricultores de California and the National Hmong American Farmers to ensure socially disadvantaged farmers members are trained in business and labor regulations.

In 2018, she joined the fourth Cohort of the Movement to End Violence under the Novo Foundation. She has received numerous awards, including “100 Heroines of the World” in 1998; Sister of Fire Award in 2003; the Ford Foundation and NYU award “Leadership for a Changing World” in 2004. She was recognized twice in 2006, by People Magazine. She was honored by Líderes Campesinas in California for her 30+ year’s distinguished leadership in 2009, the EEOC Community Service Award in 2011, the Cesar Chavez Legacy Award, March 2015; and honored by Farmworker Justice in Oct 2015. She was honored by Latino Justice, PRLDEF, as a Latina Justice Leader, on Latina History Month, June 2016. On Oct. 15, 2016, she was recognized by the World Women Summit Foundation (WWSF) as one of nine laureates given the Prize for Women’s Creativity in Rural Life; and many more recognitions.


Introduction / Moderator:

- Frances Valdovinos, Student Academic Advisor, UC Riverside, Doctoral Candidate-Cohort 11, Educational Leadership Program, CSUSB


Featured Speaker:

- Hermila “Mily” Treviño-Sauceda, vice-president and co-founder of Alianza Nacional de Campesinas, Inc.


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CSUSB - Latino Education and Advocacy Days (LEAD), "Featured Speaker: "Hermila “Mily” Treviño-Sauceda (Campesinas and Global Human Rights)"" (2018). Latino Education and Advocacy Days (LEAD) Video Recordings. 21.


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